Websites Versus Sales Funnels

Websites Versus Sales Funnels [2019]

You may have heard the claims that in 2019, having a website for your business is the wrong way to work online and you need to change to Sales Funnels for your business to succeed online. 

So, is it true? Has all the time and money you have spent on your business website been a waste of effort? In my opinion, the answer is NO! However, it is essential to use both for the benefit of your business.

Below is a video I created explaining why this is the case and exactly why websites are not dead or dying, in fact they are still an essential part of any good online marketing strategy.


What Exactly Does A Website Offer A Visitor?

Having a professional website is an essential element for any business, regardless or whether or not you are a service provider, shop or entrepreneur.  You need a website so that anyone interested in your services can find you online.

Your website shows your visitors all the services that you offer and may include prices and contact information. It is a digital brochure designed to inform visitors about your products and services. your website also allows you to provide information about your business and social proof and testimonials.

The problem with websites though, is that they offer a lot of information and may not necessarily provide your visitor with the exact service or product they were looking for, this can lead to confusion and visitors leaving your website without making a purchase or calling your business. 

What Exactly Does A Sales Funnel Offer A Visitor?

A Sales Funnel is a very focused website containing a series of web pages that have the soul purpose of driving sales to a specific product or service. The reason they work so well is that they are laser focused and take a visitor on a sales journey designed specifically to sell them something or provide a solution to their problem.

A visitor will be sent into the sales funnel, normally by offering some sort of free gift in exchange for their email address, once they accept this the business can continue to market to the visitor via email but they are also sent onto other sales pages within the sales funnel.

The Sales Funnel is designed to take the visitor through what is called The Value Ladder to increase sales during the lifetime relationship with the visitor.

The problem with Sales Funnels is that they are very specific and in order to get visitors into the sales funnel, your marketing has to be laser focused and this means that until you own the traffic you will have to pay for the traffic and visitors. 

So Whats Best? Websites Or Sales Funnels?

In my opinion, it is essential to make the best use of your website (sales brochure) and Sales Funnels (Specific Service or Products).

Optimized correctly your website will find visitors who are looking for your services and products organically for free. What you need to do as a business owner is capture your clients emails in exchange for a free but valuable information product. 

What this allows you to do is continue to market to your visitors and then send them directly to your sales funnels because they become traffic that you own.

Setting up and using Sales Funnels to send your visitors along your Value Ladders to increase their lifetime value. I would recommend setting up Sales Funnels for all your key products using ClickFunnels which is a great software specifically designed for creating Sales Funnels that convert.

Combining a great website with email marketing and Sales Funnels built in ClickFunnels is the way to success. Do not get rid of your website, it is far from dead but to make the most of your visitors you need to start using sales funnels to sell your products. 

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